Vicious Grace

by wjw on December 10, 2010

This post belongs to my good friend MLN Hanover, whose new book Vicious Grace has just been released. 

Vicious Grace is Book III of The Black Sun’s Daughter, which (as you can tell by the heavily armed, seminude voluptuous female on the cover) is an urban fantasy series.

Urban fantasy isn’t always my personal cup of tea, but MLN’s is as good as it gets, and that turns out to be pretty darned fine.

The first two books, Unclean Spirits and Darker Angels, introduced MLN’s heroine Jayne Heller, heir to an occult dynasty that opposes “riders,” nasty parasitic paranormal beings who can infest you and turn you into Worm Chow just like that . . .  These first two books, satisfying in themselves, turn out to be just a prelude to Vicious Grace, which is not only filled with rock ’em sock ’em action, but ends with a revelation that turns the whole series on its head in the very last sentence.

(Don’t skip ahead to read the sentence.  It won’t make any sense till you get there.)

(And by the way, can I just congratulate MLN on a fine choice of models?  A three-book series that builds up to the very last sentence?  Where did that idea come from?)

Vicious Grace.  In stores now.  Check it out.

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