March of Time

by wjw on July 7, 2011

I keep telling myself I need to post on this here blog, but then I keep saying, “I got all this other stuff to do, why don’t I do that first, and then do my blog post?”  Except that all this other stuff keeps growing, and the blog posts keep getting postponed.

I don’t have a solution to this except to suggest that we all contemplate the eternal march of time, as illustrated by this photo I took in Turkey a couple of years ago.  This was taken at a place called Pinara, which no longer exists, and which was in Lycia, which no longer exists, either, except on maps of the ancient world.

Pinara was a rich, substantial city, in which countless generations of people lived and thrived and died, until suddenly they didn’t anymore.  The city had a theater/stadium, an agora, baths, enormous Cyclopean gateways, beautiful views, Roman triumphal arches, and dozens if not hundreds of distinctive rock tombs.  The city also had a sacred way lined with pillars, a way which now vanishes into a little lake, replete with turtles and frogs.

So, if you will, consider Pinara and my blog sub specie aeternatis. Two thousand years from now, who is going to care whether I managed to put up my blog post or not?  And though I can’t help but hope that somebody will, I’m afraid that I’m all too aware of the odds.

We can do worse with our lives than to provide a pleasant home for turtles and frogs.

Ed August 26, 2011 at 3:03 pm

the eternal march of time…. look back and weep

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