Market Value? What Market Value?

by wjw on September 27, 2011

Wondering why you may not have heard of hacking collective Anonymous for a while? Because, as it appears, the ad hoc organization has been busy assembling Anonymous Analytics, a public equity research entity (and we venture to guess focused mostly on the short side) whose motto is “Acquiring information through unconventional means” and follows up with “You should have expected us.”

Anonymous is certainly off to a terrific start in their new venture, releasing a highly detailed report on Chinese agribusiness giant Chaoda Agricultural Holdings, Inc., which suggests that the company is nothing more than a long-running fraud.

Chaoda’s stock lost $1.5 billion on release of the report.  Score one for Truth, Justice, and Anon!

(Or was it Anon?  The problem with Anonymous is that it’s, well, anonymous.  This could have been some traders perpetrating their own fraud, masquerading as Anon in order to make a fortune shorting Chaoda.

(We may have LulzSec investigating Anonymous before this is over.)

My, Zero Hedge is having an interesting Monday . . .

Ralf The Dog September 27, 2011 at 5:24 pm

This is why Anon should sign all their posts using public/private cryptography.

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