Each to His Drone . . .

by wjw on March 14, 2012

Via Bruce Sterling, the news that Liam Young and his Tomorrows Thoughts Today cronies have created a cheap drone network capable of embodying a nomad Internet.

The key role that the internet has played in the last year of protests and activism was one so important that it saw Governments cut off internet access nationwide in a bid to slow the momentum of demonstrations, an act that has led to the creation of the project which would act as a solution to that precise scenario. A fleet of GPS enabled quad-copter drones, which float in formation out of harm’s way have been created that transmit their own wifi network temporarily before dispersing to escape detection before reforming elsewhere.

What would be extremely useful is for the drones carried cameras themselves, as with the repurposed drones in Deep State.  Since it’s now standard practice for the authorities to round up any journalists ahead of time, shortly followed by anyone carrying anything that might be used as a camera.

Want to see what your government does?  Get yourself a fleet of these.   Get yourself a 3D printer, you can make as many as you like.

(The downside, of course, comes from those perennial spoilsports, the terrorists.  At least these things can’t carry that much explosive.)

Electronic Countermeasures @ GLOW Festival NL 2011 from liam young on Vimeo.

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