by wjw on May 31, 2013

Posts have been scarce the last ten days or so, and it’s all because I was having fun.  I could either stop having fun in order to post about all the fun I was having, or I could just go on having fun.  Which is what I did.

Most of the fun was had at Rio Hondo, where I had fun with this crew, to-wit: James Patrick Kelly, Rick Wilber, Carrie Vaughn, Oz Drummond, Diana Rowland, Jay Lake, Kim Jollow Zimring, Michaela Roessner, David Levine, and Daniel Abraham.  (I’m the one on the left.)

We cooked and ate dishes originating in the culinary traditions of Cuba, Louisiana, Tunisia, Italy, France, and Tibet.  We drank wine from Australia, Europe, and the U.S. of A.  We hiked up mountains and along valleys.  And we worked on each other’s stories.

A marmot visited the lower parking lot most days.  And bighorn sheep were found licking salt from the road.  I’ve never seen either one so low on the mountain before.

So was it fun?  Oh yes.

Fun it was.


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