by wjw on August 17, 2014

Went to see Louisiana guitar-slinger Sonny Landreth the other day.  He played at the zoo band shell, and probably kept the lions and zebras up past their bedtime.

One of the annoying things about seeing guitar wizards is that they invariably attract a crowd of guys in front of the stage who just stand there and stare open-mouthed at the guitar player.  They get in everyone’s way, and my guess is they don’t learn better guitar, either.

This time the gawkers were foiled, because the band shell is protected by a moat full of ducks.  The ducks actually hung around and stared, just like guitar wannabes.

Anyway, here’s what they were looking at.  This is Sonny playing with Derek Trucks, another guitar whiz, and (possibly not coincidentally) the nephew of Butch Trucks, the Allman Brothers’ drummer.

Quite a contract in styles between the two.   Check it out.

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