Load Up For All Saints’ Day

by wjw on October 26, 2014

HardwiredCover4Part Four of the Hardwired serial released on November 1, which happens to be All Saints’ Day, but you can pre-order it via iBooks, Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords!  It will be available via Barnes & Noble as well, but they won’t give me a link to it until the day of release, because . . . because they’re Barnes & Noble, I guess.

If you preorder now, Part Four will show up on your favorite reading device just after midnight, so that you can sit down and read it while munching your Halloween treats!

In Part Four, Cowboy and Sarah begin their counterattack against Tempel now that they know their enemy’s identity. Their own desperation forces them into an alliance with Tempel’s former CEO, the psychotic sexual predator Roon. It’s a situation ripe for violence, treachery, and betrayal, especially after Tempel attacks Sarah through her greatest weakness, her love for her brother Daud . . .

So check it out!

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