Black Sun, Stalking

by wjw on December 15, 2014

So over the weekend we had our twice-yearly black belt weekend, which was mostly devoted to graduating 33 new Kenpo black belts.  I also re-certified for my own black belt, in which I re-tested for, well, just about everything I’ve learned over the last thirty-odd years.  I was a sweat-soaked bag of silly putty at the end, craving salt and carbs, but I was smiling.  Now that it’s over, I find myself less sore than I thought I’d be.

Please enjoy the accompanying video, which has only a thematic relationship to anything I did over the weekend.  I did sorta feel like this guy, however.  (The video is “Black Sun” by Kagemu.  That’s all I know about it.)

I’ve been called to Long Island to help Kathy in settling her aunt’s estate, and won’t be back for anywhere between five and seven days.  I probably won’t be posting much in the interim, so have a good week, and try not to freeze.

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