Misty Morning

by wjw on July 27, 2015

edgaraspeerHere through the mist we see the Edgar A. Speer taking on a cargo of taconite, which is the shit iron ore we’re left with after the good stuff has been mined.  Below in the mist, the little boat seems a visitor from another world.

Taconite, by the way, can be turned into steel, but only through enormous, complex industrial processes.  Since the waste products include asbestos, miners are subject to pleural conditions including mesothelioma.

When I was a tad, enormous amounts of taconite tailings were dumped into Lake Superior, whence Duluth and other towns drew their water, and I spent my childhood drinking asbestos.  I’ve had gastric problems my entire adult life, and I wonder if I have taconite to blame.

The morning mist clung on through midday, and here we see the same bay as in the previous post, but now misty and romantic as all get-out.


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