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by wjw on March 25, 2016

ttalumsHere, meeting in what is perhaps the most unflattering lighting ever, is last weekend’s reunion of Taos Toolbox grads.

Included in the unflattering light is Melinda Snodgrass, who is not a Toolbox vet but has twice been a special lecturer.  It hardly seems fair that she must share the dismal lighting with us.

This group has been meeting every year since the first of them graduated in 2010.  They’ve met in different cities around the country, this month in Santa Fe.  It’s not something I organize, it’s something they do themselves.  This is the first such reunion I’ve visited, and the attendees very kindly took me out for dinner and drinks.

I’m deeply pleased because it shows that grads are still working with the tools they learned in Taos, and that they’re not mad at me for making them do all that hard work (except maybe for the unflattering photo).

So if you want to write this stuff for a living, want to acquire some tools that you can use for the rest of your life, and if you’re not afraid to work hard, then you should apply to Taos Toolbox.  There are still a few places available.

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