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by wjw on April 28, 2016

I haven’t been online much, because I’ve been reading manuscripts in preparation for the Paradise Lost Writers Workshop and Retreat, taking place in San Antonio this weekend.

I’ll be teaching and offering critique of others’ work, along with Jaye Wells, Ken Scholes, and former Toolboxer (and Nebula and Andre Norton and Compton Crook Award nominee) Fran Wilde.

Nor will Fran be the only Toolboxer in the house— I’ll also be hanging with Barb Ferrer, Sean Kelley, Rosie Smith, Effie Seiberg, Sandra Wickham, and maybe some other people whose names have fallen off the cliff of my memory.

Paradise Lost is a nifty little workshop, packing a lot of action into a mere three days— but then it’s intended for people who want to bring themselves up to the professional level.

And speaking of going pro— and yes, I know this segue is pretty damn tenuous— I’m attaching a compilation video of people doing insane shit with GoPro cameras strapped to their foreheads, accompanied as always by tendentious music.

Hell, I figured I’d give you something inspirational for the weekend.  Because if you need inspiration for anything, like a new lifestyle or a new piece of fiction, these videos are totally good for that.  Just be sure to watch in full screen.

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