I Am In Cabo

by wjw on January 23, 2017

IMG_0895smallerI have rather unexpectedly found myself in a Mexican resort.  I’m sure this is the sort of thing that happens to you all the time, right?

So over thirty years ago I visited Cabo San Lucas with some friends, and had a very pleasant time in a small seaside village with all of four hotels.  A few weeks ago one of the friends contacted me and said, in essence, “Hey, wanna do this again?”

I did, but Kathy had just had had surgery, and I didn’t think I would be free.  But then Kathy recovered splendidly, and I began to think I could use a reward for looking after her following three major surgeries in the last year (never mind Palau, Truk, and Carlsbad Caverns), and once I found out that Southwest flies here and that I could carry the scuba gear out for free, I thought, Well, what’s the downside?

There didn’t seem to be one, so here I am, sitting on the edge of the ocean watching whales cavort just offshore.

Cabo is more than just a village now, and there are miles upon miles of hotels and condos,  but there’s still sun, ocean, whales, tequila, and seafood-laden cuisine.  So here I am, ready for adventure, or at least Happy Hour.

Fortunate indeed is the man who is lucky in his friends.

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