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by wjw on October 3, 2017


October’s been completely packed, and it’s only three days old.  Not only did Quillifer drop just yesterday (I trust you already have your copy), but I’ve just put my classic novel Angel Station on sale for 99 cents. Angel Station was my first attempt at setting a story entirely in space, and I set myself the task of writing a space opera without guns, missiles, or bombs. Though there’s plenty of action, there’s no gunplay or missile attacks, because that would just be too easy.  

And though the protagonists Ubu and Maria are outlaws, they’re not the pistol-packing kind.  Created to serve a function grown obsolete, haunted by the holographic ghost of their father, they’ve lived their entire lives skating along the edge of extinction. Now they and their ship Runaway are in flight both from the law and from a predatory clan of competitors. They’re going to come back rich, or not at all.

But what they find in the depths of space isn’t wealth, but a secret so startling that Ubu and Maria will need every last reserve of guile, cunning, and intelligence just to survive.

Click for an essay I wrote about the novel back in 2011.

You can find Angel Station via:

Kindle, NookSmashwordsiBooks, Kobo, and Google.

I should also mention that, for those of who who prefer books composed of something other than zeroes and ones, I’ve made Angel Station available as a trade paperback, and that it’s available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  It’s a generous 6×9 quality paperback with cream paper, and highly readable type.  It’s not on sale, unfortunately, but it’s an attractive artifact that will look good on your bookshelf, and would also make a lovely gift.

(See how thoughtful I am?  I’m doing your gift shopping for you!  You should totally buy my book in gratitude.)

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