Artificial Reality

by wjw on April 18, 2018

Here’s tonight’s crescent moon, with Venus in the lower right corner.  Venus is red because she’s close to the horizon.

moon_venusThis is actually Photoshopped.  The reason it’s Photoshopped is that my new Canon hardly ever manages to focus properly on a distant object sitting in the sky.  If only I could focus manually . . .

Anyway, I zoomed in on the moon and got a more in-focus view:

IMG_2760You should be able to view the moon’s entire disk, though the dark part is quite faint.  I snipped out the in-focus crescent moon, then after adjusting for size pasted it over the out-of-focus moon on the first photo.

The result is that after working with a highly complex piece of software and creating an artificial image, I now have a picture of what I actually saw in the sky.

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