Sea Smoke

by wjw on February 4, 2019

My home town of Duluth was hammered last week by the Polar Vortex, and so of course there were various photos of frozen eyelashes and stalled cars and people bundled up like the Michelin Man.  (Fortunately it didn’t last.  In a single day the temperature went from -31 to +31.  That’s Fahrenheit, of course, since if we were talking Celsius that would be far more alarming.)

There’s another weather phenomenon that I find fascinating, and that’s sea smoke, seen here in this video from Sky Candy Studios, which also features the dramatic entrance of the ore carrier Edgar B. Speer under the Aerial Lift Bridge and into the frozen harbor.

The Speer can also be viewed here in more clement weather conditions.  And there are also some amazing photos of sea smoke online.

Etaoin Shrdlu February 7, 2019 at 8:09 am

One small benefit of living at 21.5N, it’s been a pleasant 60F to 70F for most of the last month. 🙂

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