Gifts for Readers #4: Nemesis

by wjw on December 17, 2019

51RKHjLjprLHere’s Number Four in this year’s list of new books by veterans of Taos Toolbox, the master class in science fiction and fantasy.

(And by the way, if you are a Toolbox vet, and have published something in 2019 that I don’t know about, feel free to drop me a line, okay?)

Today’s works from Brian K. Lowe aren’t science fiction or fantasy, which shows that what we teach at Taos
Toolbox can apply to any kind of fiction.

The Nemesis series can be described as science fiction-adjacent, though, since it deals with pulp-style adventure set in the heyday of the pulps.

Here’s the scoop:

Nemesis – The Complete Series (3 Book Box Set) includes:

    • The Choking Rain – It is 1932. Can one man stop an invisible strangler and rupture a web of terrorism designed to lead to a new World War–when he’s just been killed? In the tradition of the great pulp novels comes a hero whose name will live in legend–and whose face will never be seen.

    • The Scent of Death – A dead official, a missing ambassador, an untraceable 500-year-old weapon. High in the Himalayan mountains lies a secret that could change the world! Thousands of miles from home, shadowed by spies and traitors at every step, can Eric Reinhold find his parents and keep the enemy from obtaining a weapon that has no defense–all without revealing his greatest secret?

  • The Killing Scar – Lightning from a clear sky! A German scientist and the spy who hunted him clash twenty years later over a doomsday weapon that could win the next war! Mysterious, faceless, numberless–but can even Nemesis overcome an organization so vast it can lead an entire nation to war?

The books are available individually, but why would you bother when they’re available from Amazon in this nice three-volume set?

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