Your Ears, Forever Feasting

by wjw on January 31, 2020

City on Fire-Audio-CoverMuch though I hope you’ll all go out and buy audio books of Quillifer the Knight, I feel I should remind you that 2019 was a big year for me, audio book-wise.

I can personally recommend the audio versions of Metropolitan and City on Fire, both read by the terrific Emily Woo Zeller.  She’s absolutely great at bringing Aiah to life.

Likewise, I can strongly recommend Kevin Kenerly’s reading of Implied Spaces. He got the sly humor that permeated the narrative.

Due to some technical issues I was unable to listen to my copy of Neil Hellegers’ reading of Angel Station.  But it’s Neil Hellegers, for heaven’s sake!  So assuming you don’t have the same bad luck I did when trying to listen, you’ll have a great time.

Kevin Kenerly is also on board for The Rift, which I haven’t had a chance to listen to listen to, because it’s really long.  Some day I hope to remain in the same state long enough to listen to it.  Or maybe I could listen to it on a raft trip down the Mississippi . . .

I also haven’t had a chance to listen to the audio of The Accidental War, but that’s because Audible never sent me my damn author’s copy!  It’s read by David Drummond, who did a fine job narrating the first three books, so I have no fears on any score.

So heck, 2019 was a total feast for the ears, and if you missed out on that feast last year, you’ve got all 2020 before you.


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