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by wjw on February 12, 2020

This weekend I will be at Boskone 57, which I imagine is the longest-lasting Boston SF convention.

And guess what!  Unlike some conventions— I’m looking at you, Worldcon— I’m actually on the schedule!

So if you want to see me at any point, here’s where to look.

Memorable Minor Characters

Format: Panel
14 Feb 2020, Friday 15:00 – 15:50, Burroughs (Westin)

Genre literature is full of striking minor characters — from Jaqen H’ghar (A Song of Ice and Fire) to Wedge Antilles (Star Wars) to Agrajag (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) — that can have a dramatic and lasting effect on the reader. What purposes do they play? How can they shape or influence the heart of a story? Let’s discuss some of speculative fiction’s most memorable minor characters, and the true power they hold.

Reading; Walter Jon Williams

Format: Reading
14 Feb 2020, Friday 18:00 – 18:25, Griffin (Westin)

Walter Jon Williams

Autographing: Diana Rowland, Cat Scully, Walter Jon Williams, Gene Doucette

Format: Autographing
15 Feb 2020, Saturday 12:00 – 12:50, Galleria – Autographing (Westin)

Futuristic Societies in Science Fiction

Format: Panel
15 Feb 2020, Saturday 14:00 – 14:50, Marina 3 (Westin)

Creatures that are part human and part machine. Sentient alien species. People living on ships and across time itself. The future is full of people. So what does it mean to be a person in the future? How might futuristic societies evolve based upon their surroundings and histories? How can we escape the perils and pitfalls of contemporary social norms in order to create societies that feel completely fresh and new?

Slightly Subversive Fantasy

Format: Panel
15 Feb 2020, Saturday 16:00 – 16:50, Harbor I (Westin)

In the words of Ursula Le Guin, “Resistance and change often begin in art. Very often in our art — the art of words.” Arguably, science fiction and fantasy are at their very hearts genres of subversion, challenging the status quo. Let’s talk about the art of subversion, and how we as artists and readers support and promote social change through the creation of ideas and the power of imagination.

Fantastic Female Villains

Format: Panel
16 Feb 2020, Sunday 12:00 – 12:50, Harbor II (Westin)

Where are the female villains in today’s stories? Although we often speak of female characters, how about strong female villains? Let’s look beyond the popular revenge-seeking rape victim … sometimes women are just plain mean!

Etaoin Shrdlu February 15, 2020 at 1:32 am

Whatcha reading?

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