Days of Going Wild

by wjw on April 1, 2021

Since having my second COVID shot, I’ve engaged in multiple reckless behaviors!

I had a haircut for the first time since June, and as a result no longer look like someone whose primary residence is a cardboard box!

I’ve twice dined in restaurants! Indoors! (The restaurants were allowed to seat at half capacity, but I was the only customer, so it hardly mattered.)

Tomorrow we have tickets for a museum exhibit! Oh man, I am livin’ la vida loca!

New Mexico COVID numbers have been hovering for several weeks at around 200 new cases per day. Last week there were a couple days without fatalities! But in the rest of the country the numbers are creeping upward again, 17% in the last two weeks, and now stand at 68,000 per day, with over 1100 deaths each and every day. Clearly the vaccinations can’t come soon enough.

Susan B April 2, 2021 at 10:20 pm

My spouse & I got our 2nd Moderna shots on Monday. I’ve already made an appointment for a haircut for two weeks and one day after the shots; I haven’t had a haircut since last September. It used to be short but not now. We have a group of friends we haven’t be able to get together with since last July and since we’re all old farts and vaccinated, we’ll probably try to get together by Memorial Day. Right now Maryland is having a surge of cases so I’m hesitant to do anything too rash. But we are looking forward to eating in a restaurant again.

Robert M Roman April 4, 2021 at 1:19 pm

Thursday 4/8 is my 2nd Pfizer shot, but I’ll hold off on doing anything “normal” until about a week later. After that, I have a backlog of errands to do that have been accumulating over the past year.

I did get to visit the Harold Washington Library downtown last week and found “Fleet Elements” there. I liked it. Nice work. Thank you.

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