Sleepless at Sonesta

by wjw on June 19, 2022

Someday I may catch up on my sleep. Until then I’ll just cut and paste from Nancy’s Facebook wall.

More quotes from Taos Toolbox:

“I want the details about how Grandma got wrapped up in vines.”

“I cannot picture a ‘godscoop’ non-hilariously.”

“Every dystopia needs a good investigative reporter.”

“The time between the candy dish and the candy was too long.”

“It’s like the truth of the universe was revealed to me but it was in Estonian.”

“I want her to find a research area. Also love.”

“My favorite character name in your story was Zero Shit.”

“More darkness and doom!”

“A telepathic hooker is terrifying. A telepathic wife would leave me gibbering.”

“I don’t know what picklebetel is, but I know it doesn’t belong in a berry pie.”

“Philip was a jerk and I didn’t mind seeing him die horribly.”

“She takes too long to realize she’s not there.”

“I never met anyone under 60 who leaves two spaces after the end of a sentence.”

“I wanted to get your character a therapist.”

“Killing a vampire as effective foreplay?”

“Not being good with numbers eliminates most easy ways to make money.”

“This is off-putting verisimilitude.”

“You have a pinch of reality, and you need a teaspoon of reality.”

“We don’t see a lot of Seattle-based leprechauns.”

“In this far future, women are still shaving their legs with a razor?”

“Your setting has White Speceship Syndrome.”

“The story explores deep questions while also running around the galaxy kicking ass.”

“Her antagonist isn’t strong enough–it’s like the first level of a video game.”

“I have a sensitive allergy to stories that are too sweet.”

“I have no trouble with you killing the robo-dog because my daughter had a Furby once.”

“You need an urban, hip-hop leprechaun.”

“I can imagine him saying, ‘OMG, I have a dead guy talking on my iPad–does anyone know where the charger is?”

“I don’t think I’m cool enough to read this story.”

Ken Houghton June 24, 2022 at 8:28 am

That last line is always true for me.

Looking up “Picklebetel” has driven me into a series of hunger-enhancing YouTube videos. After four or five of them, I’m still not certain whether the commenter is correct.

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