Success, One Toolbox at a Time

by wjw on March 4, 2023

Warlock at Law, by a husband and wife team writing as R.L. Baranowski, has just been released.

The Baranowskis attended Taos Toolbox in 2019, just before the pandemic brought everyone to a screeching halt. Everyone but writers, see, because we work in isolation anyway.

What impressed me about the Baranowskis was that they were dedicated, hardworking, and organized. Writers aren’t usually organized, but these guys were, and they seemed to have a plan.

Looks like the plan worked, as did Taos Toolbox. If you have ambitions to write in this field, and whether or not you have a plan, Taos Toolbox may help you get there. The deadline for applications is April 1, so you’d better get working on those applications.

As for Warlock at Law, we have this:

Attorney Alistair Burke has been newly hired to represent supernaturals who find themselves in legal trouble in the state of Wisconsin. His first major client is a shapeshifter on trial for a murder he didn’t commit, an already tough job further complicated because Alistair must defend his client while preventing mundane humans from discovering supernaturals live among them.

The case turns out to be the tip of the iceberg– the first move in a slaver’s plot to capture and kill local supernaturals, using their life energy to power his own necromantic magic.

Although Alistair is by no means ready to deal with the situation, he will not allow his friends to die….

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