Days in the Life

by wjw on October 17, 2023

A friend in Tel Aviv sent this.

The family is Ok. However, some in the wider circle , we lost people. And many are called to active service.

Here in Tel-Aviv we are relatively safe. As a military observer you would find it interesting to see how we adapted to at least 3-5 rocket attacks per day, aiming at my neighborhood…Each time we have a siren, having about 1,5 minutes alert , then we run into the shelter. We have one on each floor. Meeting the neighbours , sometimes in pajamas… Then waiting for the sound of the explosion of the Iron Dome missile that blows out the incoming rocket. About 2-3 minutes , and we are back to “normal”.

I do feel sometimes that I live in a  SF futuristic environment…

There are no civilians in this war. Only targets.

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