by wjw on December 2, 2023

I have lain in the embrace of Mr. Zappy 14 times now, which means I’m now more than halfway through the 26 radiation treatments in my program.

I have to say it’s been trouble free. The side effects have been minor, verging on negligible.

The worst is that I’m tired all the time. My naps have increased in number and length. And I’m physically weaker, with less stamina. A couple years ago I could run on the elliptical machine for 50 minutes, but now I struggle to run for 20.

I’m used to an active life, but now most of my exercise takes place in my La-Z-Boy. I’m looking forward to getting my strength and stamina back, though it might take a long time.

I had envisioned taking it easy during the treatments, but it turns out that the three hours it takes to drive to NMCC, receive treatment, and drive back, are now added to all the other stuff I have to do during my day, and my days were cluttered enough before all this started.

Weirdly enough I’m writing well, and coming up with good word counts (for me). Writing Heaven in Flames means slaying a dragon every damn day, and I’m keeping up the body count. Writing has become a relief from everything else, and I’m finding it very satisfying.

Dragon slaying. I recommend it, people!

John Appel December 3, 2023 at 1:39 pm

Glad to hear things are going as well as can be expected, and continued best wishes for complication-free treatment and recovery. I’m sure I’m not alone in eagerly awaiting the day I can put Heaven in Flames in my eyeballs. 🙂

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