Two Left

by wjw on December 19, 2023

Two sessions with Mr. Zappy left. Doc says I’ll continue with the exhaustion and other side effects for a couple weeks, then will return to what Mr. Harding called “normalcy” fairly steadily.

Yesterday I hit the wall again, spending much of the day in bed. Today I’m feeling more chipper and am feeding myself a fairly steady diet of jump blues.

I’ve been feeling lightheaded the last several days and I’ve decided not to trust myself behind the wheel of a car. Kathy now has the depressing duty of ferrying me about, but at least I made her a pot of whole yellow pea soup by way of thanks.

And before too many days, it’ll be champagne cocktails!

John Appel December 20, 2023 at 2:41 pm

If blues will help, please enjoy this playlist of kick-butt blues songs from the soundtrack of the game Rebel Galaxy:

Happy holidays, happy “finished with Mr. Zappy,” and best wishes for a better 2024 for you.

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