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by wjw on January 5, 2024

This announcement has been delayed due to my heavy schedule with Mr. Zappy, but I’m pleased to finally be able to announce that Taos Toolbox for 2024 is open for submissions.

Taos Toolbox is a two-week master class in writing science fiction and fantasy, and is helmed by award-winning author Nancy Kress as well as yours truly. Toolbox has been producing great writers since 2007.

This year’s workshop will take place June 2-15, 2024, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Special Guest for 2024 is the creator of The Expanse, James S.A. Corey, in reality the writing team of Daniel Abraham and Ty Frank.

Daniel and Ty are screenplay writers and television producers in addition to writing the bestselling Expanse series, so they should have a lot to share with us.

Special lecturers this year include Jeffe Kennedy, who currently holds the office of President of the Science Fiction Writers of America. She’s been widely published and has special expertise in indiepub, and owns her own press.

Our second special lecturer is Diana Rowland, who at various times been an Air Force pilot, a Las Vegas card dealer, a detective for a sheriff’s office in Louisiana, and a morgue assistant, occupations that contributed to writing her Demon and White Trash Zombie series. Expect her talk to be, umm, just a little bit forensic.

If you want to bring your writing to the next level, we’re the people who can help you.

More information may be found at

Adding a person note, this will be the last year that Nancy and I will be doing this. Taos Toolbox may continue under new management (it’s under discussion), but Nancy and I won’t be running things.

So if you— or anyone you know— have been wanting to attend but are hesitating, or waiting for the right time, you should join now!

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