Toolbox Scores Again

by wjw on January 25, 2024

Here I begin a survey of works published by Taos Toolbox veterans in 2023. First up is Refractions by M.V. Melcer, a far-future novel that features intrigue, action, and an all-consuming mystery at its heart.

Nathalie has joined a rescue mission to the once-thriving settlement at Bethesda, which has lost communication with Earth. Her years-long hibernation is interrupted by an on-board fire that kills the mission’s commander and which reeks of murder and sabotage.

Nathalie is now the very underqualified officer in command of the mission, charged not only with finding out what happened at Bethesda, but placed in charge of an unruly crew divided against itself, and nw showing behavior alarmingly like that which may have consumed the silent colony.

If you loved The Expanse and anything by Ann Leckie or Arkady Martine, you won’t be able to put down this gripping tale of betrayal and survival in the vastness of space.

If you hope to start a career in writing, check out Taos Toolbox. We have a proven track record of producing writers who publish and often win awards, and you could join their number.

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