Spooky Kitty

by wjw on February 27, 2024

I’m not your ordinary gumshoe.

My name’s Nina Cohen. Born: 1898, died: 1912. I’m a poltergeist in a human body. I work from home as a private investigator. I watch entirely too much TV, and I talk to my cat. Say hello, Djinn.


Thus begins Dead of Winter, the second in James R. Strickland’s Poltergeist series. (It’s a pretty damn good opening, isn’t it?)

James Strickland, I should point out, went to Taos Toolbox back in 2011, and has been publishing regularly in the years since.

If you have ambitions to make a career in the field of science fiction and fantasy, Taos Toolbox should definitely be on your agenda. We have a proven track record of helping new writers create and sell their work, and in today’s world of publishing, you need all the edge you can get.

The deadline for applying to this year’s Toolbox is April 1, 2024, so get busy with those manuscripts!

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