Hitler Bunnies and Terror Potatoes

by wjw on September 23, 2009

At least one of these Hitler Bunnies is clearly plotting evil.
And the potato in the lower photo is either the result of black magic or perhaps an injection of thalydomide.
Yes, this means we’ve been to the State Fair.
Kathy’s New Mexico Tech had a booth open at the fair, and Kathy got some freebie tickets that weren’t all being used by Tech hustlers, so Pat and I joined Kathy for a wander through the Halls o’ Wonder.
Aside from the Hitler Bunnies and the mutated potatoes, we saw white tigers, Death-Defying Death Devils in the Cage of Death, scary dinosaur puppets, dolls representing the Six Kinds of Starch Grown in Bernalillo County, and a whole lot of art, not all of which was made of Legos.
I’m still worried about those Hitler Bunnies, though.
They’re clearly up to something.
[photos by Pat]

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