Taos Toolbox Retrospective

by wjw on July 26, 2011

Ever since Taos Toolbox ended on Saturday I’ve been curled up in my cave like an exhausted bear, catching up on everything that’s happened in my world since I went up the mountain on the 10th.     At least our political world is consistent: those losers in Washington are still arguing about the same stuff they were arguing about two weeks ago.

The Toolbox class was amazing: in the two weeks they read and critiqued something like 198,000 words of fiction, did exercises, worked incessantly on their own projects, and listened and took notes as Nancy Kress and I gave our (sometimes lengthy) lectures.

Nancy was absolutely terrific, not only as a teacher, but as a mentor who cared enough to line-edit all the submissions.  (Line-editing is not something I would do even if you paid me.  Besides, I’d be terrible at it.)

And speaking of the workshoppers, here they are:

From L to R, that would be Walter Jon Williams, Jeffrey Scott “Jeff the Balladeer” Petersen, Alan Smale, Christie Yant, Peter Charron, Ed Rosick, Stephen Blount, Fiona Lehn, James Strickland, Sean Eret, Jack Skillingstead, Nancy Kress, Scott Hawkins, Lisa Nohealani Morton, Carole Ann Moleti, and Jeff “Jeff Classic” Duntemann.

(And by the way, my hacker street cred should go completely through the roof just for spending two weeks in Jeff Duntemann’s company.  Just sayin’.)

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