Robot Overlord 1.0

by wjw on February 9, 2012


Want to buy your own robot fighting machine?  iRobot (a corporate name that is bound to interest the Asimov estate) will sell you the 710 Warrior for a mere . . . well, I don’t actually know the price.

The Warrior 710 is a 450-pound tracked robot that is built for versatility and moving stuff around.  It will punch through window glass, climb stairs, haul or push large objects, and has a manipulator hand that will reach around corners and still handle 220-pound objects.

My guess it will do anything required of a ground warfighter except cross big ditches and travel more than seven or eight miles per hour.

Observe this video complete with stirring music.

Now iRobot says they have no plans to weaponize this platform— just like they don’t say it will climb the stairs in the middle of the night, strangle you while you’re sleeping, and replace your brain with a soulless positronic thinking device void of conscience or morality— but if this isn’t a weapon, why’d they call it a Warrior?  Huh? Huh?

And here’s another video in which the Warrior fires a rocket just fine.  A rocket trailing a long string of grenades.  Which is meant for clearing minefields or obstacles, but could also be used to rid the planet of numerous inconvenient meat-organisms.

Tremble in fear, mortals!  Behold your new ruler!


Erich Schneider February 9, 2012 at 4:25 pm

One presumes iRobot has worked out something with the Asimov estate’s licensing people, since they’ve been around for more than a decade making Roomba vacuum cleaners as well as robots for the military.

Kathy February 10, 2012 at 10:14 am

Can I buy one to move my aunt’s collection of cookbooks?

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