Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

by wjw on June 18, 2012

It’s been a relaxed weekend here at the Toolhouse, with the students playing tourist or working on their next week’s stories.  I’ve taken a couple hikes, though one of them resulted in my sliding down a rock face and scraping the bejesus out of my knee and shin.  It’s not bothering me much at present, though it’s not pretty.

Daniel Abraham’s talk on career paths was extremely good, and there were a lot of thoughtful looks afterward.

Tonight the students put on a potluck dinner, which was lovely and gracious, though we ended with far too much food.  I may have to give the caterer a day off.

Here’s the last few days quotes:

  • It’s a great idea to have kids get magic and become even creepier than before.

  • I thought this book was Charles Stross plus a bunch of literary novels I’ve never read.

  • You had white dimension syndrome.

  • Writing to deadline is all about fear, shame, and the apocalypse.

  • No matter how great the iced tea is, it’s crap Pepsi.

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