by wjw on June 16, 2016

gumbosmallSo I was making the black roux gumbo of Chef Francoise le Vison, and when I make the roux there’s enough smoke to set off every fire alarm within a hundred yards.  But this time the alarm for the whole lodge went off, and the whole building was evacuated except for maybe half a dozen of us standing on our balcony, drinking wine and telling the people below that nothing was on fire but the chef.

We had to call off the fire brigade, and I tipped the maintenance guy who was sent to turn off the alarm.  So far we are not arrested.

If we are, though, it will have been worth it.

Susan Beaty June 17, 2016 at 11:35 pm

Well, it sounds like you got the roux brown enough. The color looks right in the picture too. That’s a prerequisite for a good gumbo. I had a Cajun aunt who taught my mom how to make gumbo, and I’m still working on reproducing it in my kitchen here in Maryland.

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