Beneath the Sign of the Bear

by wjw on June 22, 2017

Toolbox650I’ve been spending the week at the 10th Anniversary Taos Toolbox, the workshop for writers of science fiction and fantasy.  Here’s a photo of us beneath the bear, including fellow instructor Nancy Kress and special guest George RR Martin.

I realized too late that I should have got a photo of us all lying dead at George’s feet, and titled it “The Red Workshop.”

We’ve had nearly a week of critique, and below you may find some of the highlights, diligently collected by Nancy:

* How do corporate wizards that don’t have to dress for the office actually dress?”
* “A basic rule of even alternate universes is that ghosts can’t have children.”
* “Have the mother make a staff out of the imp-doorknocker.”

” “Coming from an organization where people delight in throwing others under the bus, I liked this story.”
* “The ‘as-you-know-Bob’ dialogue even starts with ‘as you know.'”
* “If there are swordwriters, I want to see them write something with their swords.”
* “I want to apologize because this critique is going to suck.”

* “She got off too easy for eating the child.”
* “This could be cool, if I knew what was going on.”
“If she had proper self-control, she wouldn’t be blue.” (Color, not mood)
* “We’ve got prehistoric parasites living in people’s brains, and volunteers are going ‘Yes!’?”
*How does dodging bullets qualify you as a good bride?”
“I admired the multi-purposing of the rabbits.”‘
* “If editors are trolls, are publishers dragons?”

* “That kiss was so deep that what she should respond is, ‘Why are you licking my tonsils?””
* “I don’t understand why he isn’t sure it’s her–she’s the only were-tiger on the plane.”
* “I liked the opening 67-word sentence because I’m German and we don’t mind long sentences.”
* “I didn’t realize he was injecting her with venom. I just thought he was a really bad kisser.”
* “Why are people heart-flopping?”
* “But you’re Canadian–you’re accustomed to governments that make intelligent decisions!”
* “The dead grandmother should be digging the ditch.”

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