Info Dumplings

by wjw on June 27, 2017

Collected by Nancy Kress, here are a series of quotes from last week’s critiques here at Taos Toolbox.

* “I like the info dumplings.”
* “I don’t think she could take apart the time machine with a hairpin.”
* “The hard-working proletarian hero saves the day over the upper-class creep–what more do you want?”
* “I don’t want to be near anybody who chirps.”
* “I don’t think a slithery would twirl.”
* “The press-conference scene buried the lede — ‘We just created a friggin’ unicorn!””
* “This is a bunch of good writing in search of a story arc.”
* “You”ve done a really good job of being dark and depressing>”
* “why did the king send this not_very_bright guy to do something that needs a lot of skill?”
* “This is a tragedy of errors”

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