by wjw on June 1, 2018

IMG_2798The sunsets are murky and disturbing these days.  Droughtland is burning down.

The snowpack last winter was one-third of normal, whatever “normal” is these days, and the forest fires have already started.  A fire— “one hundred percent uncontained” —is raging in Ute Park in the north of New Mexico, and other fires blaze here and there.  The other day a helicopter spent a day practicing hauling up water from the Rio Grande and dumping it on targets.

Smoke obscures my view of the mountains, and the taste of fire is on the air.

Tell the rain gods we need them back on the job.

Susan June 4, 2018 at 11:42 am

I’d heard about fire(s) in New Mexico and wondered how close to you they were. Hope they keep their distance.

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