Volodya Again Raises His Balding Head

by wjw on December 11, 2019

KAYAKSsmallIt’s nearly New Year, and once again I’m in competition with Vladimir Putin for the world’s most admired wall calendar.

Putin’s calendar features photos of the President of the Russian Federation meeting with statesmen and world leaders.  There’s not a single photo of him with his shirt off!  It’s like he’s not even trying any more!

Whereas our new 2020 calendar includes gorgeous photographs of our adventures in Iceland and Ireland, plus bonus photos of our lunar explorations!

If I were given the choice of photos of a fully shirted Vladimir Putin or photos of staggering beauty featuring glaciers, lakes, leaping whales, icebergs, volcanos, sunsets, castles, and the Mare Imbrum, I know what I’d pick!

Plus, wall calendars are just retro enough to be hip again.  You want to be hip, don’t you?

Once again, I make no money from these.  I just enjoy sharing my adventures with my friends.

(Plus, you can get a 15% discount by entering ONEFIVE at checkout.  Don’t tell them I told you.)

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