Gifts For Readers #1: Enemy Immortal

by wjw on December 11, 2019

51cwHZPmyNL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Time again to do my year-end roundup of books published by veterans of Taos Toolbox, the master class for writers of science fiction and fantasy.

Jim Meeks-Johnson’s Enemy Immortal is a fast-moving, action-oriented space opera that starts at a full sprint and then speeds up from there.

Here’s the blurbage:

An alien colony vanishes without a trace.

Lt. Jade Mahelona is the human redshirt on a team of aliens sent to investigate. The only other human within light-years is a celebrated professor of xenology with a murky past.

Umlac, a sadistic ten-ton cyborg, wants to control the ancient power that made the colony disappear. He ambushes Jade before she even gets to the colony, and he ignites an interstellar war between two galactic empires to cover his conquest of the colony planet.

As Jade struggles for survival against the Immortal Umlac, she discovers a long history of interstellar colonization on the planet, and she awakens a power opposed to both her and Umlac.

Earth’s only hope is that Jade can orchestrate brilliant performances from every member of the team and find untapped resources deep in herself.

If you love heart-pounding alien encounters, astonishing technology based on plausible science, thrilling space battles, and tales of human ingenuity and courage, you’ll want to read this space opera adventure thriller.

Praise for Enemy Immortal:

“Clever and entertaining … The alien cultures that Jade encounters are delightfully and often humorously bizarre.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Strange and fun, full of unique worldbuilding and characters, Enemy Immortal is an exciting read … that’s hard to put down.” —IndieReader

Find Enemy Immortal as a paperback and ebook at Amazon.

Etaoin Shrdlu December 12, 2019 at 2:24 pm

Speaking of gifts, any news on a video from your interview at the Cocteau last month?

(Also, “Jim” not “Tim”. 🙂 )

wjw December 12, 2019 at 11:59 pm

The Cocteau seems to have worked its way up to loading the videos for September. All in good time, I imagine.

The embarrassing typo has been fixed.

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