Another Shot

by wjw on February 26, 2021

We are now a mixed family.  I have the Pfizer shot, and Kathy’s got the Moderna.

This morning I was involved in a lengthy series of texts with a friend, and the home phone rang, with SOCORRO MEDICAL very large in the Caller ID slot, so I answered.

Was I Kathleen Hedges? they wanted to know.  I said I was not, but could take a message.

“Ask her if she would like a COVID vaccination,” the nice lady said.

“I think the answer to that would be, ‘Hell, yes!'” I replied.  They happened to have the vaccine right in the office, so we set an appointment for 2pm.

Coincidentally enough Kathy was in the other direction, in Albuquerque having a COVID test, since after our trip across country Kathy wanted to make sure she wasn’t infected before going out in public again.

So I drove Kathy to Socorro, and hung around in the parking lot for an hour while she filled out forms, waited in a series of offices, got her shot, then waited in yet another office for side effects, of which there were none that mattered.  On the drive home we stopped by a bird sanctuary, but its population was down to a pair of ducks and two snow geese.  Still, it was nice to get out in nature on a pleasant warm, sunny afternoon.

As for myself, I’m suffering no ill effects from yesterday’s jab.  Yesterday I was feeling kind of mopey and lethargic, but it’s hard to put that down to the vaccination, because I’m capable of feeling mopey and lethargic entirely on my own.

Happy vaccinations, everybody!

Shash March 1, 2021 at 6:22 pm

Hurray for both of you. I’m the wrong side of 65 for this, but soon. I’m hoping for Pfizer or Moderna, but if J&J is what is on the table, I will probably accept it.

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