Statuette Time

by wjw on February 27, 2021

Fleet-Elements-by-Walter-Jon-Williams-ReviewHey, wanna give me an award?

Nominations for the Hugo are open, though you have to be a member of either this year’s Worldcon or last year’s New Zealand world con in order to vote.

Nominations for the Nebula are also open, though only for the next 24 hours or so, and you can nominate only if you’re a SFWA member.

In any case, nominating me is easy, because I only had one piece out in 2020, my novel Fleet Elements.

While Fleet Elements is eligible to be nominated for Novel if you’re talking Nebula, it’s eligible for two Hugo awards.  It can be nominated for Novel, and as it’s the latest in a series, the series itself is eligible for Best Series.  So you can nominate the Praxis series (or Dread Empire’s Fall, and I’m sure the administrators will know what you’re talking about), with Fleet Elements as the most recent publication.

There.  Easy-peasy, Hugo breezy.  Vote as your conscience dictates, and I’m sure your conscience will want me on the ballot.

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