Hero State

by wjw on September 10, 2021

Over the summer I’ve been participating in a multi-episode online superhero campaign run by Matt Yancik, all installments of which are available on YouTube. The series is modeled on comics, naturally, and first introduces all the characters as if they were appearing in their own title. Then comes the two-parter finale crossover, wherein the assorted heroes form their own Avengers/Justice League and set out to save, if not the world, at least Fenway Park (and maybe the world too).

There are other sorts of crossovers, surprises, and guest appearances going on, so watch carefully so as not to miss them.

Watching other people play roleplaying games has become quite the thing online, and if this is the sort of thing that floats your boat, your boat will be floated for some thirty-odd hours of entertainment.

Perceptive viewers will notice that my perpetual Harvard student Josh Dole is based to a large degree on the protagonist of Roger Zelazny’s Doorways in the Sand. Though of course my guy has Plastic Man’s powers, and Roger’s character did not. (I’ve always envied Plastic Man his powers, which I thought would be extremely useful even if I never became a crime buster.)

Here’s the whole series in order of appearance:

Steve Kanaras as the Canadian Cavalier

Larry Tremblay as Bombast

Eric Witmer as the Dimensional Detective

James MacKenzie as the Eternal Trooper

Jarod Riley and Frank Tallarico as the Warchalker and the Helix

Walter Jon Williams as the Elasticized Man

Hero State Issue One (crossover)

Hero State Issue Two (crossover)

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