by wjw on June 18, 2023

Taos Toolbox 2023 started tonight, and Nancy Kress and I met our 18 new colleagues whose work will be our work for the next two weeks.

But that’s not who we see in this photograph. This is the class for 2022, or most of it. Because they’re having a reunion right now, just as the next year’s class starts, and they were kind enough to drive down from their mountain digs in Truchas to invite Nancy and me to lunch.

You gotta say, this group really bonded, and they’re still working to improve each other’s fiction, and they’re doing it on their own.

One of our goals for each Toolbox class is to provide each participant with a ready-made peer group they can use to boost their own, and each other’s, work.

Having seen last year’s group in action, I have no worries for them at all.

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