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by wjw on February 4, 2024

The new Wild Card book, SLEEPER STRADDLE, launches on February 6! The book contains a new story by me, “Semiotics of the Strong Man,” and features two of the series’ most popular characters.

SLEEPER STRADDLE features stories about Croyd Crenson, known as the Sleeper and created by Roger Zelazny. Roger created the most brilliantly useful character in the series, because every so often the Sleeper falls into a coma and wakes in a completely new body, and acquires a completely new set of powers.

“Semiotics of the Strong Man” is set in Rome in 1999, and features my character Jack Braun (ex-movie star, ex-Tarzan), known alternately as Golden Boy and the Judas Ace. He and Croyd meet for the first time and, well, lots of things get smashed and broken.

Besides myself, SLEEPER STRADDLE features stories by Christopher Rowe • Carrie Vaughn • Cherie Priest • William F. Wu • Stephen Leigh • Mary Anne Mohanraj • Max Gladstone, and is edited by George R. R. Martin and Melinda M. Snodgrass.

Be sure to find your copy wherever you find your fiction.

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