Toolbox in ’23

by wjw on February 6, 2024

Here’s the second in my survey of works published by graduates of Taos Toolbox in 2023. The Kuiper Belt Job is the first in David D. Levine’s Cannibal Club Chronicles, a new adventure series following a collective of highly shady individuals.

Once upon a time in the Solar System, there was a gang called the Cannibal Club led by the man known as Strange. Max was the muscle, Damien the pilot, Alicia the thief, Tai the hacker, and Shweta the grifter. They would break into banks, hack computers, swindle the rich and powerful, run guns … whatever it took.

The Orca Job was supposed to set them all up for life, but it did not go according to plan. They lost their money, they lost their ship, and some of them lost their lives—the survivors scattering in a storm of recriminations.

Now, ten year’s later, someone’s trying to get the band back together for one last heist. But can they trust that someone? Can they even trust each other?

David Levine, I believe, was at the second Taos Toolbox in 2008, and has been published regularly in the years since. He’s an example of how Taos Toolbox can find talent that already exists and refine it into something capable of sustaining a career.

If you want to write, you’ll be wanting a career. Check out Taos Toolbox, and find out what we can do for you!


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