Blowing Up

by wjw on June 12, 2024

Taos Toolbox is three-quarters done, and a fine Toolbox it is. Every one of the participants is talented, and every one can have some kind of writing career if they want one.

Over the weekend I blew up my left knee, by walking in a straight line on a sidewalk. I would have fallen had not Nancy grabbed me by one side and I grabbed a lamp on the other. I did not “do anything to myself,” I have reached the age when these things just happen to me of their own accord.

I spent part of a day at an Urgent Care, where I got an X-ray that failed to show any problem— which I could have told them. (My leg problems are nerves and muscle, not bone.) I ended up with a prescription for steroids, but I was already walking better. I’m doing fine now, though staircases are still painful. I’m using a cane, but it’s a reminder not to do anything dumb.

We’ve had inspiration talks from James S.A. Corey and Jeffe Kennedy, and tomorrow we’ll see Diana Rowland’s Traveling Corpse Show. I hope I don’t identify.

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